Of recently, it is evident that we are now living in challenging times across the world. Coupled with the existing socio-economic conditions of our African communities in the diaspora, it is now pertinent that we enter into a state of expedience in impacting the lives of our people. A growing number of our people have answered to an innate calling to the Motherland to join the thousands who have already done so and re-connected with our brothers and sisters. It is our duty here at the Sankofa Repatriation Assistance Program to enable and facilitate our people on their journey in contributing to the continued development and improvement of the African continent for the benefit of the African Peoples.

In the true spirit of “Strength in Numbers,” we have partnered with brother organizations who are doing the work of our people on the ground. This collaboration has come to fruition to form The Exodus Alliance. The Exodus Alliance is a multi-collective strategic alliance between proven champions for the development of repatriation resources at home and abroad. The Exodus Alliance will address the needs of repatriates with productive solutions, as well as strategies for sustainable growth on the continent. Many African countries have the fastest growth rates in the world. As the global community increase and expands, so should the wonderful and lucrative opportunities for African descendants in the diaspora.

Alliance members include the Alkebulan Development Group, Sankofa Repatriation Assistance Program, Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League, Black Star Action Network International, The State of the African Diaspora, African Diaspora News Channel, and Made In Africa Project. These active organizations span the entire African Diaspora and have boots on the ground in several African countries to include Senegal, Ghana, Sierra Leone and many more.

While some of our people are achieving some amount of upward mobility throughout the diaspora, there still exist a vast majority of our people who are under served and are still subjected to sub-standard social, judicial, and economic state of being. Through the strategic partnership of the Exodus Alliance we seek to improve the standard of living of our people in addressing the direct needs of our people.

Now, more than ever, it is of paramount importance for us to take action, and “do for self what we need to do”. http://www.madeinafricaproject.com/the-exodus-alliance.html

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